Suzana Laub


Suzana Laub
PhD student (guest researcher at DKDS from February 2011 till December 2011)

Briefly about my research
Currently I am interested about co-design and human-centred design (HCD) processes and methodologies. I am concerned about how to effectively involve people at the design process.

At my PhD project I have been investigating and developing design probes for analysing methods, tools and experimental models
of HCD, applied to food packaging research and development, in order to understand how actively involve people and everyday reality into food packaging design (or re-design), aiming to engage respective stakeholders for more inclusive and sustainable solutions. Attempting to work with a wide range case present in everyday life of almost everyone and practically everywhere, and pursuing the ambition that the results of this study could be significant, Tetra Pak’s milk packaging was strategically chosen to be the case study. Furthermore, the possibility to work in partnership with the Tetra Pak R&D (Research and Development) increased considerably the reaching of my PhD research.

This project aim is to investigate how human-centred design processes and methodologies could contribute to design (or re-design) food packaging critical issues. My PhD research intend to produce new knowledge in this field by starting to build a innovative framework of how “interaction design of food packaging” can be understood and practiced providing a pragmatic context for developing further research in co-design and human-centred design towards food packaging design context and beyond. The purpose is to contribute to our understanding of its complexity and to what extent it is meaningful, suggesting innovative perspectives for industrial design discipline.


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