The craft of staging spaces of alternatives

Design is entering new contexts and there has recently been a growing interest within design research for understanding how design can be problem finding rather than problem solving. This is clearly a step away from how industrial design has given clear solution to a problem, to thinking how we accommodate the worlds ever growing complexity. It is still unclear what constitutes such a design practice but it is a search to accommodate a designerly engagement that does not contribute to quick solutions to a problem, but a practice that opens up for alternative ways of understanding a problem.

My thesis is an attempt to help contribute to how such a new practice can be articulated through the theoretical framing of ‘event’. The term event is in sociology described as a process where entities (human and non-human actors) come together, and in the coming together they become differently, they become something else. As a theoretical framing the notion of event seem to better help us to describe what actors, technologies and skills come into being in interdisciplinary innovation project. But what is the scope for design activity within the notion of event? What particularities can design capabilities help bring to the table for an inventive problem making? My hypothesis is that there is a scope for a specific framing of an event that can be particularly interesting for design in that it can allow and open up a space that allow for ‘other ways of doing’ actors, technologies and skills in innovation projects.

Involverede: Li Jönsson (ph.d.-studerende, DKDS)
Kontakt: Li Jönsson (ph.d.-studerende, DKDS)
Projektperiode: 2011-2013

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