Infrastructuring and Strategies of Democratization


A full day of infrastructuring!

Erling Björgvinsson presents case material from the Malmö New Media Living Lab. Drawing on Pedersen’s (2007) attention to protocols and constituencies, Erling presented abundant controvercies and matters-of-concern!

Peter Danholt’s presentation “Studying and Conjuring Infrastructures” was a tour de force from Harraway, Latour and the oligopticon to concerns about conjuring new infrastructures for participation, experimentation and realities in the making.

After the presentations the participating researchers brought out their own project material for closer scrutiny in light of the concept of infrastructuring and democratization.

Perhaps we stretched the concept of infrastructuring a bit when we set out to build material infrastructures out of collective project materials and theoretical concerns in 3 hours – but it was definitely an occasion for lively debate of issues and concerns across projects and perspectives!

The seminar and workshop attracted young discussion-ready researchers from across the fields of design, social science, humanities, and engineering.

At the end of the day, research questions, theoretical concepts from STS, and project snapshots had been challenged and connected in new ways by way of yarn, push pins, and bodily gestures as well as verbal exchanges.

Post It notes with questions from the morning session



Infrastructure & strategies of democratization, 14.04-2011:

Program 9-12:

Keynote speakers:
Erling Björgvinsson, is PhD and research fellow at Medea, Malmö University

Peter Danholt, assistant professor at the department of information and media studies, Århus University, and holds a PhD from Roskilde University.

Danmarks Designskole & Kunstakademiets Arkitektsskole
Philip de Langes Allé 10, Copenhagen

Building Q (the red wooden building next to the canteen)


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