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Let’s publish something on this!
The 3 seminars held in the spring 2011 pointed to the potential in combining the analytical concept of ‘infrastructuring’ with concrete tactics of managing living labs (Peter Danholt & Erling Björgvinsson), the ontological assumption of ‘performativity’ with theatrical stagings of new physical prototypes and practices (Brendon Clark and Henry Larsen), and finally complex ethnographic descriptions with designerly speculations as to how things might be different (Brit Winthereik and Alex Wilkie).

We will aim for publishing papers as a special issue of the peer-reviewed online journal “STS Encounters“. All three of our seminar themes outlined above could be relevant frames for a contribution to STS Encounters. The size limit of contributions is 8000 words. For more details see the ‘guidance for submission’ on the page linked above.

Status (working title, abstract, or draft version) and expected contributions:
Course faculty (Joachim and keynotes), working title: Introduction: Between STS and Design.
Mads Breddam, draft version: Thinking Fiction in Social Science.
Peter Munthe-Kaas, abstract: Creativity and quality of life in the urban environment…
Marie Ertner, works on ‘something’, or so I hear.
Li Jönsson, working title: Issue-based design.
Maria Foverskov, draft version: The Becoming of a living lab – Staging, Framing & performing the new.
Signe Yndigegn, working title: Infrastructuring for Everyday Innovation
Christina Lundsgaard, working title: Reconfigurable workspaces.
Bahareh Jalalzadeh, working title: The different role of designers in fieldwork.
Sissel Olander, works on ‘something’.
ITU master students (supervised by Brit), working title: Place branding of Jægersborggade in light of sts.

Deadline for fully formatted drafts: November 1st 2011 to

What if I don’t want to publish a paper, but still want to earn 2 additional ects points for writing?
That’s fine too, just hand in your course essay by November 1st.  Maximum 8000 words.

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