Within my PhD project I (Li Jönsson) am in the midst of conducting my final design experiment. The experiment is set up as collaboration among five different partners. The three different concepts for the design experiments are developed by me and Tau Ulv Lenskjold & research assistant Sebastian Thielke) in close dialogue with the Volunteer Center in Helsingør. The experiments are hosted and deployed at the retirement home Grønnehaven. While the architect-duo Sundahl & Jørgensen and the interaction design bureau Trace take on a role and responsibility for the building of the physical and digital platforms developed in the experiments.

Our agenda within the project is to explore a design space that opens up for a pluralisation of perspective. Through a set of three practical design experimentations developed in close dialogue with four collaborators, we try conceptualise the neighbourhood in the Danish city of Helsingør as an urban ecology that we co-inhabit with many different species.The project, Urban Animals and Us, attempt to bring the ’wild’ urban animals into a domestic area of a senior retirement home. To see and read more of the project visit our local project blog www.urbananimalsand.us.


About lijonsson

Li Jönsson has an interdisciplinary approach to design that engages with a diverse set of critical and practical ideas. Working at the intersection between design and science and technology studies (STS) her PhD-work is set in the context of new technology & innovation projects. Her interest lies in the attempt to move beyond the anthropocentric positioning in design by linking discussions between more recent materialist approaches at the same time as being a designer/maker. Having previously worked with topics such as energy use and senior health care - more recent projects explore computational technology and the politics of participation as a ‘speculative co-design’.

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