Julie Køie



Research assistant

My approach to research is that of creating spaces and instruments for active reflection through open participatory experiments. I am focusing on youth’s formation of identity – and how these processes are being performed and articulated as inclusive/exclusive social mechanisms.

I am currently seeking to engage youths through continuing workshops, in which the decoding and co-creating quality of new digital media is explored. Together with a developer, Ajan Dalipovski, I am generating an online platform, in which we integrate the web-video tools of Popcorn.js. The aim is to examine possibilities of creative co-production of multimedia content – and to look at these as tools for decoding images, narratives and data that may fix ideas of identities, decreasing diverse ways to re-interpret positions in society.

I completed my Master Thesis in visual communication from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in January 2012 and have previously facilitated workshops in citizen journalism and graphics for computer games in the Middle East.


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