Informal seminar with Stuart Cockbill

CORRECTION: WHEN: 1030-12, Wednesday May 5th 2013 Wednesday MAY 1st 2013
WHERE:  The Codesign Research Cluster is located on the 3rd floor of the white building 90 on Fabrikmestervej 10.
WHO: Everybody is welcome.
Stuart Cockbill is a doctoral researcher from Loughborough Design School visiting us to talk about co-design, decision making and decision support tool design for retrofit smart home technology and low carbon homes.
Stuart Cockbill portrait
Since graduating with two Master’s degrees in Consumer Product Design and Inclusive Design I have worked across varying design sectors from automotive press tool design, freelance fabrications design and engineering, consumer product design and computer aided design for prototyping and manufacture. My main research interests are however people and the methods allowing their inclusion within the design process as collaborators, creative’s and co-designers – a philosophy I bought into through studying the welcoming of older and disabled people as co-designers within Inclusive Design projects.
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