Talking about Codesign…

Over the years we’ve collected email addresses of friends and colleagues interested in sharing and discussing codesign matters. We have now turned this collection of great discussion partners into an actual mail list that you can join, if not there already, by clicking in the top right corner of this site. Benefit for you: more control over what you receive from us and to what email address. Benefit for us: automated handling of your contact info.
We will use the mail list to share invitations to our seminars and events. For more comprehensive info you can of course still visit the site here,, where we post updates about current projects, people, conferences and teaching activities. You can also follow all the posts via email, just click the ‘follow’ button in the top right corner.
We hope you like it, otherwise you can always opt out following the link provided in the emails sent to you.


About Joachim Halse

I have worked as associate professor and enjoy teaching, supervising and researching co-design issues.

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