How can Design Laboratories contribute to Societal Development? (Panel and Seminar, June 14, 2013)


Forum for Social Innovation Sweden, Malmö University and

The TEMPOS project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Denmark present a Public Panel Discussion: Designlabs and Societal Development followed by a seminar: Why (call it) design laboratories?

Venue: MEDEA, Malmö University, Östra Varvsgatan 11. Malmö

We invite interested people from all sectors into two sessions that address the notion of design:labs and how they potentially could contribute to societal development. During the first session the discussion will be on a general level that easily could attract anyone that are interested in the issue. In the afternoon it will be slightly more academic but everyone is still welcome to join.

The Panel between 10-­12 am will be broadcasted through Bambuser at the following link:

The full day event is free of charge but please notify your attendance by registration no later than 5th of June at:

Morning 10-12 am Panel discussion on designlabs and societal development

During the past decade design has been recognised as a powerful innovation driver. The design approach, based on a user-centred perspective, involvement of stakeholders through participatory design and rapid prototyping, has proven to be useful when approaching complex societal challenges. This panel bring together researchers with extensive experience in participatory design and social innovation to discuss how design labs can contribute to societal development and where the limitations might be located. Issues that will be discussed include how future social innovations can be staged and prototyped? What can be accomplished beyond the laboratory? How can design labs provide a long-term perspective and balance transformative events with a sustained presence in affected user communities? (Panelists: Thomas Binder, Per-Anders Hillgren, Francesca Rizzo, Ann Light, Yanki Lee, Eva Brandt, Jörn Messeter & Bjarne Stenquist)

Afternoon 1-4pm Seminar: Why (call it) Design laboratories?

Design engagements with everyday change and social innovation come in many formats and with different degrees of involvement of affected stakeholders. In this afternoon session we will ask what the concept of the design laboratory may add to social innovation efforts and how particular a framing of design and change the design laboratory offers. Invited commentator will open the seminar by addressing the following questions: How well in line with present day attempts to renew the public sector is the design laboratory and how is it distinguishable from other attempts to involve citizens and municipal officers in social innovation (Birgit Jæger, Roskilde University)?  What makes design laboratories different from other temporary spaces of innovation such as living labs and participatory innovation projects, and what should we expect design laboratories to accomplish (Christian Clausen, Ålborg University)? Where is the transformative power of participatory engagements situated and how well do transformation and the commitment of stakeholders scale in design laboratories (Peter Munthe-Kaas, Ålborg University)

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