Guest lecture: Designing for Social – how the internet is reshaping everyday life and how to do business


Guest lecture: Designing for social – how the internet is reshaping everyday life and how to do business
by Martin Sønderlev Christensen, Socialsquare

1pm on Tuesday 24.9.2013,
Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts – School of Design
Philip de Langes Alle 10, Kbh K 1435
Auditorium 90.2.01, building 90.

Martin is one of Denmark’s leading experts on social interaction design, web culture and user-driven innovation. He holds a Ph.d in social computing from the IT-university of Copenhagen where he also associated as an external professor and examiner in the information and media sciences. Martin is a much-requested speaker that will gladly bring 170 colorful slides to a 20 minute presentation. He has a talent for illustrative models and design of high-level wireframes and is often seen sketching and visualizing his analyses. Martin is partner of the research driven strategy and innovation agency Socialsquare, who help clients become challengers by enabling them to understand, prototype and launch new business fit for a disruptive digital age.

Everyone is welcome.

About Joachim Halse

I have worked as associate professor and enjoy teaching, supervising and researching co-design issues.


  1. It is at 1pm, thanks for pointing out the mistake, Camil… 🙂

  2. any chance the lecture was recorded and it’s available?

  3. No, I’m afraid it wasn’t recorded, at least not to my knowledge.

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