New book questions waste


“From yesterday’s newspaper, the flat batteries, the empty juice bottle, and last week’s stale leftovers – we continually leave material traces of our unsustainable lifestyles… We need to find ways of reducing the environmental impact of human consumption of goods” (from the introduction).

Researched, designed, written, edited, and laid out by students and faculty on the course “Question Waste: Experimental Tactics between Design and Ethnography” this new book explores waste handling in apartment buildings in Gladsaxe and Ballerup. The research is both documentary, experimental and points to past, present and speculative futures of waste handling.

The book is produced in collaboration with Vestforbrænding I/S.

Published by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, the book has 63 pages and contains a video DVD. Now available to borrow or buy for 50DKK at the Library of Architecture, Design, Conservation & Performing Arts.

About Joachim Halse

I have worked as associate professor and enjoy teaching, supervising and researching co-design issues.

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