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Post by Liina Nurmi

My name is Liina Nurmi and I come from Espoo, Finland. I’m 15 years old and I’m in 9nth grade. I’ve been in the Codesign cluster for two weeks as part of my schools work rehearsal. It’s a part of my school assignment to get a job and get to know what that job includes. This year I’m working here in Codesign cluster.

A great big thank you to all in the Codesign cluster – and Eva in particular for accepting me to do this weeks rehearsal here. It has been very rewarding. I’ve only been here for about two weeks and I can already manage to see your group’s spirit. It’s wonderful to see how you communicate! You seem to have time for each other, you have meetings where you debate and hear each other’s view and engage in each other’s projects . It’s very inspiring!

I’m here in Copenhagen because of my mother, Tuuli Mattelmäki. She works with Codesign at Aalto University and came here because of the internationally interesting Codesign cluster and she wants to get involved as a quest researcher. I, Liina Nurmi am living here in Copenhagen with her.


I’m off from my school because I have a work rehearsal and I’m performing it at here, in KADK. My job description has mainly been about getting to know what you do here in the cluster. I’ve drawn some pictures of doll scenarios from photographs and I had a project where I made a collage about myself and about my ‘good Saturday.’ I have also organized materials and got familiar to what the design students do and else.



These pictures I draw based on photographs of the SeniorInteraction project.


This tells about my ‘good Saturday’. There’s also some information about me; about my spirit animal that tells something about who I am, the ‘slang words’ us teenagers use, a special place for me and some meaningful quotes that tell about life.

It has been rewarding to see that everyone enjoys their jobs and their studies. You get to do what you are interested in and you even get paid for it! I always thought working would be boring and dull but here you have lots of project that seem very interesting.

The new things I’ve learned here are:

-Well, my English skills have become more fluent.

-I’ve learned a bit about the Danish culture

-I’ve understood more what working here is like

I want to add few words about my mom. In Helsinki Tuuli works at the department of design in Aalto University as associate professor. Tuuli’s research interests cover empathic design, Codesign among others, and she is the key member of the Engaging codesign research team (Encore). She will be here in Denmark until mid-December in 2013.

Tuuli thinks it’s inspiring that you can have conversations, workshops and share common interests in research. There are also a lot of new developing ideas, which is important. She thinks she will learn new things and get more familiar with the local mindset and how the school will be organized in the future.

You can contact Tuuli at

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