New paper formats for designers – PICTORIALS

This is really exciting, some of my friends at the Goldsmiths Interaction Design studio are trying out and promoting a new paper format that they are chairing at DIS 2014. The theme of the conference is crafting design, if you are interested please visit the DIS 2014 website.

photo diary

They say; Are you frustrated with trying to shoehorn your practice into an academic paper format? If so read on:

After getting a photo essay accepted as a full paper in NordiChi were asked to help develop a new format for Designing Interactive Systems 2014 (DIS 2014). So we are introducing Pictorials: an annotated visual submission.

It is early days, a photo essay is one example of how this format could be used, but this format is at a fragile embryonic stage – so we need good people to help shape and push the potential!

FIND guidelines for the pictograms HERE

About lijonsson

Li Jönsson has an interdisciplinary approach to design that engages with a diverse set of critical and practical ideas. Working at the intersection between design and science and technology studies (STS) her PhD-work is set in the context of new technology & innovation projects. Her interest lies in the attempt to move beyond the anthropocentric positioning in design by linking discussions between more recent materialist approaches at the same time as being a designer/maker. Having previously worked with topics such as energy use and senior health care - more recent projects explore computational technology and the politics of participation as a ‘speculative co-design’.

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