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PhD researcher Rikke Baggesen has been visiting the codesign research cluster for two months. Here are some of her impressions about being part of the group.

My research visit at the CoDesign cluster in the final weeks of 2013 has come to an end, and I’m now back at my home institution, University of Copenhagen/RSLIS. Fortunately, being local, I have however been able to join the cluster’s mini study-circle on mapping, and will be back in January to discuss interactions, map-making, (counter) cartography and more in connection with Paya Hauch Fenger’s PhD research into co-design of geo parks.

This may be a little out on a tangent in relation to my own research into museums, fashion and mobile media. But if there’s one thing that’s been very clear from working in this environment, it is the value of collaborative learning in research. I’ve surely benefited from this when presenting my own project to the cluster, and from enlisting the group in an Interaction Analysis session around my video material. But I have also learned a lot from engaging in other ongoing projects, from discussions over lunch and from simply listening in on meetings and weekly round table catch-ups. Of course, I have experienced such benefits before, but the way that it is such an integral part of the work processes here is new to me. The CoDesign group’s dedication to sharing knowledge, insights and uncertainties, not only in the projects they are collaborating on, but also when in comes to engaging in individual research conundrums, was something that struck me when I first came, and still something that seems to me a unique quality of this cluster. Which is sad, really, that it should be a unique quality and not a more widespread approach to research. I for one would love to see this kind of academic interaction spreading, and will definitely see if I can plant a seed back at my own institution.


CoDesign weekly meeting - clockwise from left: Paya Hauch Fenger, 
Tuuli Mattelmäki, Mette Agger, Eva Brandt, Kelton Minor & Joachim Halse

A couple of weeks ago, for example, the weekly meeting was followed by a group discussion about an early paper draft by Mette Agger, Tuuli Mattelmäki, Kirsikka Vaajakallio and Eva Brandt for next year’s PDC conference. Opening up the process at a stage where the outcome still wasn’t fixed, led to some very interesting discussions about methodology, academic writing, audiences and the many very different forms that this paper could still take; or rather multitude of papers that could be written from this material to share either empirical results, theoretical assertions, how-to applicabilities etc. I believe that the authors were given some useful input to inform their continued writing, and I will be looking forward to reading the finished article. But also for us as participants, considering the value of various contributions to the field, the craft of making an argument and of course the ideas put forth in the paper, was very inspiring.

So it’s this discussive and collaborative approach, along with the new insights into my own project, that I will be taking with me, and for which I wish to send a great thank you to the whole CoDesign team and their affiliates


Rikke Baggesen

PhD fellow, University of Copenhagen/Royal School of Library and Information Science for further information about my research please visit or send me a mail:

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