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My name is Sarah Bodil Tierney and I am a graduate ( from KADK. For the month of May I will be guest editor for the blog, while I am busy reading and writing a PhD-project proposal in collaboration with The CoDesign Cluster and Museum Lolland Falster. Since graduating in 2012, with an anthropological design project about the housing block “Blok P” in Nuuk, Greenland, I have been reading and wondering about my future approach within design anthropology. Together with Thomas Binder and Joachim Halse  I am researching into this emerging field. Trying to establish my own position and starting point. While still in school I was a student worker for the cluster and helped create this blog and I also helped out facilitating workshops, seminars and conferences. I am an illustrator and animator. I previously did work for Dagbladet Information, Electric Literature (US), The Atavist (US), Tidsskriftet Slagtryk and many others. I also participated in many exhibitions in both Denmark and abroad. I hope to succeed in communicating some of the interesting thinking and projects that take place here in the realm of CoDesign at KADK. 

If you have an interesting idea or project relating to CoDesign, that you would like to share, please write me:

MA thesis project with Matylda Rasmussen (in Danish): Hverdagen i Blok P


Sarah Bodil Tierney



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