Seminar: Collaborative futuring of Library Maker Spaces with and by makers


Who: Sampsa Hyysalo (Associate professor in co-design, Aalto)

When: Wednesday May 14th from 10.30 – 12.00

Where: The Codesign cluster at KADK, Building 90, Room 90, 3. 15

We are happy to invite you to a seminar with Sampsa Hyysalo. He is Associate professor in co-design at the Aalto School of, Art, Design and Architecture and a Senior Researcher at the Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki Finland.



Maker spaces and maker activities are rapidly proliferating and evolving phenomena at the interface of lay and professional design. They also come in many varieties and change fast, presenting a difficult target for, for instance, public authorities, who would like to cater for them but operate in much slower planning cycles. As part of participatory planning of Helsinki Central Library, we experimented with a form of collaborative futuring with and by makers. By drawing elements from both lead-user workshops and participatory design we conducted a futuring workshop, which allowed engaging the local maker communities in identifying the issues relevant for public maker space for 2020. It further engaged the participants into envisioning a smaller prototype maker space and invited them into realizing its activities. The workshop results and post evaluation indicate that particularly the gained solution information was of high relevance to library planners, as was the possibility to trial and elaborate activities on a rolling basis in the prototype space. The more general trends in making for 2020 were useful too, but to a lesser extent, and it is likely that just these could have been gained with more traditional futuring means.


Keywords: makers, futuring, lead users, lead-user workshop, participatory design, hands-on future, full scale modeling, extended co-design.


The seminar is based on a paper he is writing together with colleagues: Kohtala, C; Helminen, P; Mäkinen, S; Aalto University


Sampsa Hyysalo short bio

Sampsa is Associate professor in co-design at the Aalto School of, Art, Design and Architecture and a Senior Researcher at the Aalto University School of Economics, Helsinki Finland. Sampsa’s research and teaching focus on user involvement in innovation and the co-evolution of technologies, practices and organizations. He received his Ph.d in Behavioral Sciences in the University of Helsinki and holds a Docentship in information systems, specialising in user-centered design. In INUSE he is in charge of and works in all subprojects.

His most recent books are “Health Technology development and use: From practice-bound imagination to evolving impacts” (Routledge, 2010, New York) and Käyttäjä tuotekehityksessä—Tieto, tutkimus, menetelmät. (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu, 2009, Helsinki). (User in product development—Knowledge, research, methods). Sampsa was awarded Academy of Finland 2010 price for Social Impact of Research.




About Eva Brandt

Eva Brandt is Professor in Social Design at Design School Kolding since May 2019. Eva is scientific leader of the Lab for Social Design. The main part of her research is about how designers can stage open design processes (design labs based on participatory design/codesign) with many participants who both can inquire into existing practices and explore possible futures in common. She also contributes to theorizing about experimental design research driven by programs and experiments. She has been contributing to several books such as Design Spaces (IT Press, 2005), Rehearsing the Future (The Danish Design School Press, 2010), XLAB (The Danish Design School Press, 2011), Facilitating Change – Using Interactive Methods in Organizations, Communities and Networks (Polyteknisk Forlag, 2011), and Routledge International Handbook of Participatory Design (Routledge, 2013). Practice Based Design Reseach (2017). Ledelse og samskabelse i den offentlige sektor (2018). Eva has been chairing the Nordic Design Research Conference in 2013, and are chairing the Nordes 2021 too.

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