Interventionist Speculation


Call for contributions to the Design Anthropology Research Network, Seminar 2, August 14-15, 2014 from noon to noon at the School of Design, Copenhagen:

Interventionist Speculation

Design is evidently centered on intervention due to its focus on creating attractive visions for the future, but anthropology too, is essentially intervening in the worlds and lives of the people under study. Interventions in experimental design research are increasingly viewed as an action research method, which enables new forms of experience, awareness, and dialogue to emerge. Interventionist speculation appears as a productive line of connection between design and anthropology. What happens when conventional design methods such as sketching, visualization and prototyping are used to raise new ethnographic questions? Can the particular staging of new possibilities be seen as a new mode of ethnographic inquiry into people’s concerns, aspirations, and imaginative horizons? How can interventions serve as a research method, i.e. as a proper occasion for knowledge production?

We invite papers that address the theme of the seminar, whether these are conceptual, theoretical or provide exemplary accounts of design anthropological experiments. Doctoral students or practitioners are also encouraged to participate and may choose to prepare a Pecha Kucha style presentation.

For participants who want to propose a paper presentation at the second seminar we will need an extended abstract of 2-400 words by June 15, 2014. Abstracts of 2-400 words for Pecha Kucha presentations must be submitted by June 15, 2014. For those who already participated with paper presentations in the first seminar, and who want to participate again, we will need a notification of participation by June 15, 2014

Authors will be notified on acceptance of presentations and participation by June23rd,2014, The full paper (3-4000 words) and the Pecha Kucha presentations must be submitted for publication on the network website by August 4, 2014.


See more at the website for the Research Network for Design Anthropology

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