Kandu – Student Winner of Core77 Design Awards

final presentation.036

I am proud to share with you that Bahareh Shahriari’s service design project “Kandu” is the student winner of the Core77 Design Awards!


Kandu is a service concept that increases awareness among young women on the unspoken, unseen and dismissed aspects of sexual health in Iran. Kandu connects the female community, literally shoulder to shoulder in hair salons, where the intimate female atmosphere is used as a platform for sharing experiences and concerns around sexual health.

I mentor Bahareh’s project as part of the NEST program at CIID, and I am exited to see how existing infrastructures can be deployed in the empowerment of citizen-to-citizen networks.

Currently Bahareh is developing conversation props, and establishing contacts in Copenhagen to collaborate on the issue, specifically with young muslim women, hair salons and a water pipe house for women.


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