PhD defence “DESIGN EVENTS: On explorations of a non-anthropocentric framework in design” Friday 7:th of November

Li Jönsson will be defending her PhD thesis: “DESIGN EVENTS: On explorations  of a non-anthropocentric framework in design”

Link to digital copy:

The defence takes place at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Fabriksmestervej 1435  Copenhagen, Denmark. Building 90 (white building). Room 90.2.01. For local travel plans go to journeyplanner;

Time: 13.00 PhD defence. 16.00 Reception

Abstract: In this thesis events are introduced as a way of focusing away from traditional ways of approaching the objects of design. By that, the aim is to find better ways and give more justice to the interchanges and mutual transformations going on between various material bodies such as artefacts and humans.

But how do we actually go about this? How can we afford these ‘nonhuman others’ the opportunity to give us the chance to talk differently about them? How do we move the static design objects to becoming moving entangled things? The implication here is through an event framing, we have to pay particular attention to how objects and materials become constitutes because of their intrinsic properties, they have powers of their own far beyond the intension of the designer and allow us to keep the doors open for potentialities. In other words, I suggest the event to be a non-anthropocentric design approach that supports us in practicing ways of placing the hybrid collective in centre.

By theoretically drawing from Science & Technology Studies (STS) and feminist theory as well as from traditions of experimental design I explore what particularities such an event framing can help bring to the table through a series of practice driven design projects that encounters issues such as energy, ageing and co-habitation through the design experiments Watt-lite, Invite! and Urban Animals & Us.

Evaluation commitee: Carl DiSalvo – the Georgia Institute of Technology. Pelle Ehn – School of Arts and Communication (K3), Sweden. Sofie Beier – the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design.

Supervised by Thomas Binder

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