Seminar: Democratic (design) experiments, Thursday Nov. 6’th, 1 pm – 4 pm


Carl DiSalvo, author of ‘Adversarial Design’ and Pelle Ehn, Joachim Halse and Thomas Binder, co authors of ‘Making Futures’, ‘Design Things’ and ‘Rehearsing the Future’ will open a discussion on democratic (design) experiments and what they entail for the role of design.

Participatory design has over more than four decades provided exemplars and concepts for understanding the democratic potential of design participations. Despite important impacts on design methodology participatory design has however been stuck with a marginal position as it has wrestled with what is performed and accomplished in participatory practices. At this seminar we will discuss how participatory design may be reinvigorated as democratic (design) experiments in the light of the de-centring of human-centeredness and the foregrounding of collaborative representational practices that is paramount in contemporary literature on Science & technology studies

Morten Krogh Petersen from Department of Education, Learning and Philosophy, Aalborg University and Sissel Olander from CODE at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts School of Design will act as invited commentators by commenting on positions presented by the authors in two draft articles.

The seminar is organized by the CODE research centre and the TEMPOS project, and will be held:
Thursday November 6’th, 13:00 –16:00, at room 90.1.25 at the Design School

Everyone is welcome to the seminar and the draft articles may be provided on request to

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