Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design


Our work features in “Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design”

The research and development project DAIM resulted in a Design Anthropological Innovation Model, generated through experiments in the waste sector. Now we are proud that DAIM is exhibited inĀ “Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design” during the Melbourne International Design Week 2015, 11-17 May. Yay!

From the exhibition info:

In an exhibition, round-table discussion and workshop, “Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design” explores emergent practices that are developing between the fields of art and design and across design sub-disciplines.

It will investigate how new hybrid practices and collaborations are negotiating complex social and environmental challenges. The exhibition presents a number of projects in which art and design strive to make a difference within the specific communities in which they are situated. It focuses on a mix of popular culture and socially and politically engaged practices curated by Katherine Moline (UNSW), Brad Haylock and Laurene Vaughan (RMIT).

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