Codesigning with United Nations

We are proud to announce that CODE and the United Nations Development Programm (UNDP) have engaged in a promising collaboration. We share the ambition to nurture the creativity, innovativeness and collaborative attitude of all citizens interested in achieving change. One of the goals of the collaboration is to develop and promote the use of codesign methodology to address complex developmental challenges.

As an initial step of the collaboration we have launched a pilot project this Spring which seeks to understand and address the issues of youth engagement in Kosovo. Stay tuned, to learn more about the pilot project by Maria Søbroe, Rasmus Michaëlis and Toke Frello. They are currently collaborating with UNDP staff in Kosovo and students from University of Prishtina. We look forward to present their exciting outcomes of the pilot within the next few months.

Right now UN is looking for a consultant to employ participatory and codesign methods for a new youth programme. See details of the job here: Vacancy – VNO_2015_04 _Joint Youth and Adolescent (deadline is very soon!)


About Joachim Halse

I have worked as associate professor and enjoy teaching, supervising and researching co-design issues.

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