Codesign at Folkemødet

Join us for a democratic design experiment at the political festival “Folkemødet” next week!

This year students and faculty of the codesign master programme have worked with the theme “Democratic Design Experiments”. Under this heading we have explored codesign in light of issues of democracy, citizenship and participation. Concretely we have co-produced furniture, interior design, services and a learning environment, with culture houses and libraries in Copenhagen. Some have explored the frontiers of codesign and development work with UN in Kosovo. Others have established a collaboration about new modes of participatory citizenship with fellow design students and faculty in Rio de Janeiro. We have drafted a journal article about the theoretical framework. Oh yeah, and we published a book entitled Democratic Design Experiments. All in all we are quite proud, and we would like to share all of this with you if you can make it to Folkemødet.

At Folkemødet we have partnered with Øresundskomiteen to develop an interactive scenography for the political seminars and debates that Øresundskomiteen is hosting. Digital and analogue dialogue tools, physical podiums and a bridge, and of course open-ended what-if questions are the main elements of the design effort to make these specific democratic debates engaging, playful and experimental.

What comes on top of this, is that we will also get a chance to display the codesign achievements from the year. We are there from Thursday to Saturday, so make sure to come by Kirkeplads in Allinge to continue the conversation!

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