Seminar, Wednesday October, 6’th, 13 -15: The Aesthetic of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetic (the case of Brazil 2013)


In the coming week Barbara Szaniecki , who is a professor at the School of Design at Rio de Janeiro State University (ESDI) is visiting us as part of a year of research exchange between ESDI and CODE.

Barbara will give a seminar on Wednesday, October 7’th. 13:00 -15:00

at CODE: Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Fabriksmestervej 12, building 90, room 90.3.05

The title and abstract for the seminar follows below:

The Aesthetic of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetic (the case of Brazil 2013)

By mid-year 2013, the city of Rio de Janeiro seemed to offer the most perfect stage for a glamorous show of political and cultural representation. In times of major events such as World Cup and Olympic Games, the relationship between museification of the culture and gentrification of the city was getting more and more intense. A whole story denial of citizenship seemed to repeat but, unexpectedly, in the month of June, it began to move … A multitudinary constitution occurred over the past governments. June 2013 stands as an important expression of this constitution. From this perspective, we bring a contribution to think about art and design in its constituent dynamics in the struggles of the streets and networks.

Everyone is welcome and registration is not necessary

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