CODE and UNDP in world of graphic design

Last month’s issue of design magazine Novum featured an interview conducted by our esteemed colleague graphic designer Peter Gyllan with… well, me. A part of the interview is about the new role of visual communication in codesign practice, where photography, videography, graphic design and illustration are often central for producing concrete images of people’s concerns and aspirations. Visual communication is as much about making aware of what is there as it is about envisioning what could be there. In the project “Codesign with Youth in Kosovo” Maria Søbroe, Toke Frello and Rasmus Michaëlis produce very concrete examples of this in collaboration with United Nations Development Program, UNDP. By employing visual communication they elicit intriguing stories and imaginaries of societal engagement among the youth of Kosovo.

Pick up the September issue of Novum here, or come by CODE to enjoy its excesses of typography, silkscreen, white space and more in person!

20151026_130843 20151026_130726 20151026_130609

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