CODE talk, Monday, Nov. 23, 15:00 -17:00: Design encounters with non-human others

Li Jönsson,  recent ph.d. and today post doc at CODE will give a CODE-talk  on her on-going research:

Design is argued to be a practice committed to proposing new forms of life (Ingold, 2015). But at times where issues such how human activity is threatening biodiversity and is argued to cause severe climate change, we are constantly battling with how we practice our living as more sustainable. It can be argued that climate change is one example of unintentional design – an unintended side effect from our practices of living. This articulates one of our current conditions of ecological complexities by highlighting how nature and culture are intertwined – at the same time invisible. But, if we re to assume that the environment is something to be artificially produced it is a matter for design. If design propose new forms of life, how can we practice living together with and through nature/culture complexities?

As Bruno Latour (2008) says, ecology is not about nature “but (…) about the way we live – what he (referring to Peter Sloterdijk) would call breathable, liveable athmospheres”. This, he directly relates to design “ I think that this is a very big challenge for designers (…) because now you have to create the conditions of cohabitation, of building a completely new space where you have to breathe”.

Giving a CODE-talk, I will attempt to exemplify this through the project Urban Animals and Us (2013), that concern taking nonhuman worlds seriously by constructing technologies of reciprocity. However, I will also open up for discussion of where my future research practice i heading.  If, lets say this is an posthuman interventionist design – what is then its relation to social design? What are the actual design materials and design role, in such a practice? And can design at all open the public imagination to make new ways of relating to nature possible?

Everyone is Welcome

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