Open lecture: Democracy, technology and the problem of design by design: the case of the sentient house

Photography.  Eoin Stephenson  Sightline
Photography. Eoin Stephenson Sightline

Monday May 9th from 16.30 Р18.00 Lecturer and Director Cristiano Storni from Interaction Design Center, University of Limerick will give at talk in the Center for Research in Codesign, KADK.

In this talk Cristiano will critically reflect on the sentient house project (Collins, Rob, 2015). Concerned with raising awareness of potential Digital Hegemony within the Internet of things, the Sentient house experiments with a design process taking inspiration from Science and Technology Studies, Participatory and Adversarial Design. Reflecting on the outcomes of the project, I will question the idea of design by design as it is (or seems to be) assumed in several recent developments at the intersection of design, IT, political and social science (e.g. adversarial design, critical design, speculative design.)

Where: KADK, Fabrikmestervej 5, Building 90, (Room 90. 1. 20)

Presenter: Cristiano Storni

Cristiano Storni is Lecturer in Interaction Design and Director of the MSc\MA in Interactive Media at Computer Science and Information Systems department (Interaction Design Centre, University of Limerick). He holds a PhD in Information Systems and Organization from the Faculty of Sociology in the University of Trento (Italy). During his PhD Cristiano has studied the impact of ICT on people, organizations and society. He particularly focused on Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor Network Theory (ANT), Ethnography, Participatory and Interaction Design. His research lies at the intersection of social science and design. His current research concerns design theory and practices, the social shaping of Information and Communication Technology in different application areas (with an interest on the notions of appropriation, participation, and empowerment) and the ‘coming together’ of design (participatory and interactive) and Actor Network Theory.

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