Evidence-Based Co-Design

On Wednesday June 15, 13-15 in CODE, Peter Fröst and Göran Lindahl from Chalmers will give a seminar based on their research in codesign an health care architecture.

Multi-professional collaboration with staff is a significant part of the planning process for Healthcare Architecture in Sweden today. Simultaneously, the approach of Evidence-based Design (EBD) is requested in all new Healthcare projects. Consequently, an Evidence-based Co-design (EBCD) process needs to be developed that integrate collaborative planning and local dialogue with systematically managed best practice and evidence-based knowledge. Starting from an established co-design framework – Design Dialogues – our goal is to research how such a framework needs to be developed and modified – what steps, methods and tools is required for an Evidence-based Co-design practice?


Peter Fröst has a PhD in architecture and holds since 2007 a professorship at Chalmers Univerity of Technology. In 2010 he initiated the Centre for Healthcare Architecture and is since then also it’s Director. In his own doctoral thesis (Chalmers 2004) he developed a dialogue based collaborative design method for the early stages of building projects – Design Dialogues. This method has met an extensive interest and especially in the healthcare sector where it today is an established method for handling early stages of Healthcare Design projects.

Göran Lindahl is an Associate Professor at the Division of Construction Management at Chalmers. Göran is active in both research and education. His focus is primarily on Project Management and Facilities Management, often from a client perspective. Topics related to his research are organisation, management, design processes including issues of participation and stakeholder management. Particular focus in research is on planning of workplaces and health care facilities and issues related to usability. Active in Center for Health Care Architecture, CVA and Center for Management of the Built environment, CMB

Everyone is welcome!

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