Prototyping a maker space in Tingbjerg Library

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Video FIXER-FESTIVAL from Monika Havnø on Vimeo.

Text by Inês Veiga, visiting Phd student in CODE

“Biblioteket Skaber: Det kan fixes! FixHub Festival i Tingbjerg”, held May 11-13, 2016 was an amazing three-day festival at Tingbjerg Library, Copenhagen that engaged Tingbjerg citizens, students from KADK and a wider network of participants in prototyping a space for co-creation.

The festival was part of the codesign project “Bibliotekets Skaberværelse” initiated in February 2016 by graduate students Gaia Colantonio and Martin Krogh in collaboration with post doc researcher Sissel Olander and the Tingbjerg Library. Through fixing and making things together inside the library space the project has been engaging the local community in sharing skills, knowledge and sense of community. 

Proposing a wide range of workshops and activities the festival explored how encounters take place and closer connections are built through… Wool filling and fixing porcelains with new kintsugi techniques with artists Heleen Klopper and Lotte Dekker. Learning how to connect electrical wires with local electrician Ahmed. Inventing new pockets for homeless citizens with Kirkens Korshær. Stripping plastic from empty bottles with Gareth Lloyd (Machines room). A lottery sponsored by local partners. A materials library supported by The institute of Making. Accessible books on making. Local school children learned about fixing with Lea Jagendorf (Fixperts Director of Learning). 3D printers to use from 3DPrinthuset. Fixing clothes, repairing bikes, building a bee hive, making lamps, fast fashion t-shirts with the codesign students. Debating the future of libraries in Copenhagen and Denmark. Finishing off with a music concert and beer tasting with fantastic hosts Thomas Nielsen and Mikkel Hellden-Hegelund! 

KADK Industrial design students became “Fixperts” for the three days codesigning with local “Fixpartners” creative solutions to everyday problems and tutored by guest-professor Daniel Charny, co-founder of the design program initiative and From-Now-On research and design consultancy. KADK architecture students with professor Heidi Svenningsen visited and shared their knowledge in socially engaged processes. KADK Visual communication students reported on the event and designed a fanzine to tell the story. 

Check out the snapshots below!

“What if you could only use one arm to dry your hair?” Fix club with Lea Jagendorf (Fixperts) and graduate student Sofia Germani engaging local school children to explore a designer’s mindset. Photo credit: Martin Krogh
Tingbjerg citizens sewing a conversation and things together. Photo credit: Sofia Germani
Sanne Böckhaus and Joel Wolff aka “Fixperts” meeting the Library as a Fixpartner and visual reporter Dorte Löfström. Photo credit: Martin Krogh
Easy and fun the wool filling was one of the most inviting and multi-generational activities at the festival. Photo credit: Martin Krogh
Rainbow road up and down from the Maker to the Library space. Photo credit: Sofia Germani
“Anyone can do it” workshop by Ahmed, the first Tingbjerg citizen who volunterely proposed to instruct others on that simple yet forsaken activity of connecting wires. Photo credit: Martin Krogh
“Biblioteket Skaber?” Open panel debate discussing strategic perspectives on the future of Tingbjerg Library and its transition to a Cultural House and the potentials of the festival as a set up for rehearsing maker spaces in Libraries. Photo credit: Martin Krogh
Fanzine and illustrations by Dorte Löfström and Eva Árnadóttir (KADK Visual Communication bachelors). Photo credit: Elizabeth Ashley Fox-Jensen

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