New Book: Design Anthropological Futures

With colleagues from Denmark and abroad, CODE has been part of editing and contributing to an exciting new book “Design Anthropological Futures” and we are proud to say that it is being published by Bloomsbury this week.

Come by CODE for a drink and introduction to the book on Friday 23rd September, 15-1630!

Philip de Langes Allé 10, 1435 Copenhagen K. Room 90.3.15.



“This unique collection serves as an invitation to anyone interested in the intersection between design and social sciences to move beyond jargon and hype and equip themselves with a critical approach to conceptualising futures. Drawing on canonical anthropology as well as more experimental design anthropology, it is relevant for those who are interested in design thinking, service, social, sustainable, speculative, contestable and propositional practices… in short, in design and research for, with and by people.” –  Daniel Charny, Kingston University and Director at From Now On, UK.


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