Open talk: Engaging organisations through provocative concepts 

janet_kelly_udstillingCODE are happy to invite you to an open talk with Janet Kelly, lecturer in Product Design and Design Innovation at Glasgow School of Art. Tuesday November 1st from 9.15 – 10.00 at KADK (ROOM 90. 1. 25).

Abstract: Engaging formats are required to communicate designerly understandings  to a broader audience within organisations. This talk will present a case where the format of an exhibition, consisting of a collection of open-ended provocative design concepts, was used to engage two medical device manufactures in the results of field studies that involved the pre-users of their devices.  The talk will elaborate on how the exhibition as a whole, rather than presenting ultimate solutions, mapped out a rich and complex landscape for design and discuss what can be achieved through open-ended provocation in this kind of format.

Bio: Janet is a Lecturer in Product Design and Design Innovation at the Glasgow school of Art. She completed an Industrial PhD with the SPIRE centre for participatory innovation working on a project entitled ‘Innovating with the Pre-Users of Medical Devices’ which involved exploring design and innovation methods with the potential users of medical devices, in collaboration with medical device manufacturers Novo Nordisk AS and Oticon AS, working with another PhD student from an Anthropological background. She has a background in Product Design and a Masters of European design. Her research interests include experiment driven design practices and relationship centred design approaches.

Addresse: KADK, Building 90, Fabrikmestervej 6, 1435 Copenhagen K (ROOM: 90. 1. 25)

About Eva Brandt

Eva Brandt is Professor in Social Design at Design School Kolding since May 2019. Eva is scientific leader of the Lab for Social Design. The main part of her research is about how designers can stage open design processes (design labs based on participatory design/codesign) with many participants who both can inquire into existing practices and explore possible futures in common. She also contributes to theorizing about experimental design research driven by programs and experiments. She has been contributing to several books such as Design Spaces (IT Press, 2005), Rehearsing the Future (The Danish Design School Press, 2010), XLAB (The Danish Design School Press, 2011), Facilitating Change – Using Interactive Methods in Organizations, Communities and Networks (Polyteknisk Forlag, 2011), and Routledge International Handbook of Participatory Design (Routledge, 2013). Practice Based Design Reseach (2017). Ledelse og samskabelse i den offentlige sektor (2018). Eva has been chairing the Nordic Design Research Conference in 2013, and are chairing the Nordes 2021 too.
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