Rehearsing the Future (free download)


We have handed out the last copies of this great book originally published in 2010. There are no more dusty boxes of it under our tables, behind the doors or on the top shelves of CODE. To ensure broad and continued availability of the content, we are happy to offer it for free download!

Since downloading the .pdf will not provide you the joy of unfolding the dust cover into its proper poster format, nor the sensation of turning the thick cover page with embossed title, here you have a little visual snapshot of that:


Endorsements from the original back cover:


The DAIM team has created an invaluable resource for researchers and designers looking for new ways to support each other. The innovation model the team puts forward makes researchers more active and generative partners in the quest for innovation, or what the book terms “rehearsing the future.” This book is a thoughtful and involving reflection on the team’s efforts to build new models of behavior for design researchers and their collaborators — behaviors that ultimately extend and strengthen the influence of user-centered thinking through design and development stages. Of equal value, the authors bring fresh perspectives to our thinking about user-centered innovation, with examples of provocations and experiments in collaboration that will fuel future discussion and debate.

Brian Rink,
 Design Planner and Strategist, IDEO San Francisco


As an educator/practitioner creating “learning spaces” within the field of design anthropology, I constantly seek texts that my students and clients can use to help them better understand and practice alternative forms of design anthropology. Rehearsing the Future’s six provocative principles, as well as essays, interviews, reports, tools, models, and case studies provide a comprehensive picture of the cutting edge of design anthropology in Denmark. And while embedded in the Danish context, the design anthropological innovation model will have global impact through its commitment to a design anthropology that rehearses a future, which is open and participatory, accessibly tangible through models and games, and enhances the positive value systems of people.

Elizabeth Tunstall,
Associate Professor, Design anthropology, Swinburne University of Technology


A courageous manifesto for designers of the future, though not yet another futuristic one praising the force of new technology and rapid changes, but one acknowledging the power of the “everyday” as a major force in design. Through a collage of programs, cases, challenges and resources a really inspirational design anthropological innovation model is outlined throughout the book. Celebrating design and participative and user-driven innovation as intertwined with the ongoing performance of the everyday, this is a performative manifesto for design as the here and now collaborative rehearsing of the future. This is a must have sourcebook for participatory design practitioners as well as a much needed manifesto to be inspired and challenged by.

Pelle Ehn, Professor, Malmö University


“Rehearsing the Future”

Editors: Halse, J., E. Brandt, T. Binder, & B. Clark

Published in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2010 by The Danish Design School Press

211 pages

ISBN 87-92016-16-2


Download the .pdf version of Rehearsing the Future (16MB).

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