The first question is: What do we want?

seminar with Shana Agid on Friday March 3, 2pm – 4pm at CODE, KADK building 90, room 90.3.15


In a rapidly shifting political, social, and geographic landscape, what are the stakes of designing with people? How do we articulate them through design relationships and engagements? How do we work through histories that shape the present contexts in which designing takes place while also creating space for the possibilities of contested futures? This talk, which likely offers more questions than answers, will share stories from design and teaching practices as entry-points to imagining participatory and collaborative design as means for creating cultures of care and well-being through resistance to infrastructures of harm.

Shana Agid is an artist/designer, teacher, and activist whose work focuses on relationships of power and difference in visual, social, and political cultures. She is an Assistant Professor of Arts, Media, and Communication at Parsons School of Design. Shana holds an MFA in Printmaking and Book Arts and MA in Visual and Critical Studies from California College of the Arts (CCA) and a Ph.D. in Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

He is a co-developer of Working with People (, a keyword-based curriculum and website for developing critical pedagogical frameworks for collaborative practices. Her writing on design, politics, and pedagogy has been published in Design and Culture, Design Philosophy Papers, Lateral: The Journal of the Cultural Studies Association, and in the proceedings of the Participatory Design Conference. Shana’s collaborative design practice focuses on exploring possibilities for self-determined services and campaigns through teaching and design research. Shana is also a book artist and letterpress printer.

Everyone is welcome

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