Co-Design, Leapfrog and Imagination

seminar with Leon Cruickshank on Wednesday, March 8, 11:00 -12:00 in CODE, room 90.3.15 at KADK.


Leon Cruickshank will talk about the approach to co-design he has been developing with his team that involved the co-design of structures, resources and tools with communities (often in the public sector). These project have a direct benefit to the groups they are working with but also result in flexible resources that act as a scaffolding for others to use. Leon Cruickshank will be talking about ‘Beyond the Castle’ a co-design project involving 2,0k00 people in Lancaster and also his latest project Leapfrog (www.leapfrog.tool), this is focused on co-designing new types of engagement working with the public sector and the citizens they serve for example he and his team have been working with young people in care, librarians.

Leon Cruickshank is Professor of Design and Creative Exchange and Director of Research for Imagination Lancaster, the cross-disciplinary design research lab in Lancaster University, UK. He has worked for the last 20 years on design research to facilitate innovation and creative interventions. This includes the Creative Exchange a £5million project looking at innovation in knowledge exchange, and UK lead for PROUD, a European project looking at the co-design of public space. As part of this he led Beyond The Castle, a co-design project involving 2,000 members of the public in Lancaster City.

Everyone is welcome



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