Seminar: Co-Making. Design Participation in Transformation?

CODE invites to Laura Popplows presentation of her on-goning PhD work:
“Co-Making. Design Participation in Transformation? An experimental-programmatic & discourse research”. Wednesday, March 15th from 11.00 – 12.00. Place: KADK, Room 90. 3. 15. Fabrikmestervej 6, 1435 Copenhagen K

Following a “programmatic approach” (Brandt et al 2011), through a series of collaborative design experiments Laura asks: Where do we find the political potential in design practice? How specifically can design practice support a broad participation in what has been lately called “a new social contract” for a “World in Transition” (WBGU 2011)? How can the designer in relation with other, unequally positioned actors act as a productive enabler of transformations, as someone who is always acting in located, situational, socio-material

Abstract: Co-Making_Abstract_short[2]

Laura Popplow

Design, Art & Research

Contact to Laura:   mail [at]


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