Invitation to the exhibition; All The Invisible Things

All The Invisible Things is an exhibition on sharing experiences of living with mental vulnerabilities. The exhibition is co-created between the two graduate students Maria Haukali Nørregaard, Kirstine Elmhøj and a group of young people who has been dealing with mental vulnerabilities in different ways. Words are sometime not covering, when it comes to explaining mental vulnerabilities. Therefore they attempt to tell stories through materials, rather than words.

All The Invisible Things is an interactive exhibition which they hope you will join to explore how we can ‘talk’ through materials.

FIND THEM; 1-2 June, Bryggekælderen, part of Islands Brygge Bibliotek

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Li Jönsson has an interdisciplinary approach to design that engages with a diverse set of critical and practical ideas. Working at the intersection between design and science and technology studies (STS) her PhD-work is set in the context of new technology & innovation projects. Her interest lies in the attempt to move beyond the anthropocentric positioning in design by linking discussions between more recent materialist approaches at the same time as being a designer/maker. Having previously worked with topics such as energy use and senior health care - more recent projects explore computational technology and the politics of participation as a ‘speculative co-design’.
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