New book: Practice Based Design Research


This book is the first to address specifically the rapidly-evolving area of practice-based research. It is published by Bloomsbury and has 19 chapters written by 24 researchers from all over the world. On the back cover Ramia Mazé, Professor of Design at Aalto University writes: “This unique collection offers profound insights, exemplary cases and practical guidance for practice-based design research as it expands worldwide. A major contribution to the field, this book is essential for supervisors, researchers, teachers and students of doctoral education in design”.

Thomas Binder and Eva Brandt have contributed with the chapter: “Design (Research) Practice”. Here we suggest “to see design research practices as fundamentally homologous to any other design practice, both in terms of the way they are driven forward by a dialectic between programme and experiment and in how they actualize potentialities through experientially manifesting ‘the possible’. This does not mean that design practices are in themselves research practices. Research practices must be answerable to a research question or concern that resides outside the programme. Still, .. ” (ibid. p. 102).

An overview of books contents is here:


The volume is edited by Laurene Vaughan, professor of Design and Communication at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia. Contributions are from: Jonny Aspen, Eva Brandt and Thomas Binder, Richard Blythe, Ben Dalton, Cheryl E. Ball, Pia Ednie-Brown, Pelle Ehn, Lisa Grocott, Neil Haslem, Henry Mainsah, Thomas Markussen, Katherine Moline, Andrew Morrison, Zoë Sadokierski, Tom Simmons, Marcelo Yee, Teal Triggs, Cameron Tonkinwise, Peter Ullmark, Laurene Vaughan, Joyce Yee, Jeremy Yuille and Bonne Zabolotney.

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