Call for contribution at DRS 18 (deadline 6:th of Nov)

Code researcher Li Jönsson is together with her peers Åsa Ståhl, Laura Forlano, Ramia Mazé and Kristina Lindström hosting a track at next years DRS conference. The track; “Design, Research and Feminism(s)” invite contributions exploring notions of criticality and, or, feminism in design research.

Possible topics among others may include:
– feminist perspectives on and approaches to knowledge-making and epistemologies in design research;

– design research work as a critical (feminist, intersectional, decolonial, etc.) position and/or practice;

– the agency of critical theory and/or critical practice, the research as activist;

– feminist critical theories in design research as an expansion/elaboration/challenge to ‘critical design’ and speculative design;

– cases of feminist design or design research practices, for example as speculative feminist fabulation and/or proposals of alternative futures and/or histories.

Link to the call:

About lijonsson

Li Jönsson has an interdisciplinary approach to design that engages with a diverse set of critical and practical ideas. Working at the intersection between design and science and technology studies (STS) her PhD-work is set in the context of new technology & innovation projects. Her interest lies in the attempt to move beyond the anthropocentric positioning in design by linking discussions between more recent materialist approaches at the same time as being a designer/maker. Having previously worked with topics such as energy use and senior health care - more recent projects explore computational technology and the politics of participation as a ‘speculative co-design’.
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