Invitation: Student, how are you?

Student, how are you copy_mindsket

Invitation: Students’ discussion on well-being and mental health

Ingeborg and Alice are two of our codesign students. They are doing their MA thesis  about students’ well-being and mental health. If you are a student this is an invitation to join a small group session around this topic at KADK on 20th of March from 16-18 2018. See the invitation video here (1 min): Invitation video

Present problem statement: How might we reshuffle how mental health relating to studying is communicated, understood and practiced in university culture?

We wish to open up dialogues around the issues students are facing, and believe that sharing different perspectives and experiences are important in these discussions, and to not only focus on statistics and research we read in media.

We would very much appreciate if you had the opportunity to join the discussion and help us out 🙂

Send us a mail or a message on facebook to let us know if you have the possibility of participating.

If you have any questions, or if you can’t attend that day but would like to share an experience or story, feel free to write us anyway – all is appreciated.

PS: there will be snacks!

When/where: Kunstakademiets Designskole, Fabrikmestervej 6, 1435 Copenhagen K. Building 90, the 20th of March from 16-18.

Best wishes,

Ingeborg Himle Matland and Alice Moynihan /


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