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Præsentation1Welcome to open seminar on June 28th from 9.00 – 16.15. Bus pickup at 9.00! You need to sign up.

Collaboration is no longer a choice but a condition in most design engagements. Designers are pushing important social and environmental agendas, but design is also being pushed to open up towards participation and co-creation both in the work of the design studio and in the products and services that designers provide. Codesign is one of the answers to these new conditions, and for four years the codesign master program at KADK has been an important incubator for design that moves by method rather than by solution. This summer the master program is closing down and codesign approaches have to move from a program niche to become a part of the mainstream curriculum. We want to celebrate what has been achieved by inviting to a discussion on what comes next. With five theme discussions leading up to a sneak peek at this years graduation show, we invite former and present students as well as collaborators and colleagues inside or outside the design school to a day with codesign on the move:

Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 9.00 – 16.15

Meeting place: KADK, building 90 outside the main entrance, 9:00 (for bus pick up)


9:30 Open company: How can openness towards users, collaborators, customers and interested citizens be an asset in a company and how may codesign be a lever for innovation that emphasize long term relationships as much as short term transaction. The company Laerdal has offered to host this discussion and to introduce how codesign makes sense in their company setting.

11:30 Open studio: The traditional studio is the creative back stage for the classical designer. When design turns collaborative, the studio must be transformed into an open design laboratory where many stakeholders and many sites are engaged in rehearsing possible futures. The codesign collective are inviting us to discuss the open studio on their premises. What is up in the air is not only the physical studio for codesign but as much the way codesign is negotiated and delivered.

13:30 Open school: Design schools are much more than the provision of professional training. Design schools harbor young, engaged and talented students and provides them with the opportunity to grow this talent through engagements with challenges that are not yet met by the profession. But if design is turning collaborative and if challenges are turning social and environmental how can this be accommodated in an open school. With examples from collaborations where design students become part of on-going change, we will ask what kind of a design school we will need in the future

15:00 Driving agendas with an open CODE: What marks the emerging field of codesign is a proliferation of tools and formats that facilitate open ended explorations, engagements and experiments. The professional designer is the one to establish, promote and facilitate the codesign experiments, and tools and formats must be as particular and dedicated as the uniqueness of the collaboration. Yet design has agendas, and design collaborations needs an open source approach to tools and formats. What will keep design at the same time collaborative and pointed and distinct and how may openness and commitment go together. This will be the theme of our closing session that will also open up for a discussion of how to create networks with an open code.

Everyone is welcome, but in order to manage bus seats and lunch we will be glad to have a mail from people who wants to participate. Sign up for the seminar by sending a mail to Eva,

After the seminar you are welcome to participate in the KADK VIP sneak peak of the graduation exhibition 16.30 – 19.00. There will be tours in the exhibition from 17.00 – 17.45. Please sign up for the sneak peak using following link: SIGN UP HERE

Best wishes,

Eva Brandt, Daniel Charny & Thomas Binder




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