Invitation to seminar: How we gather


Welcome to open seminar with visiting PhD researcher Kirsty Moegerlein (from RMIT University in Melbourne) August 27th 2018 from 11.00 – 12.00 in CODE (room 90. 3. 15), Fabrikmestervej 6, 1435 Copenhagen K.

Kirsty writes: This PhD research began with a hunch – that ritual could offer something to communities engaged in transition towards sustainable futures. What emerged through collaborative practice was the creation of a ‘gathering place’ – called The Weekly Service – a weekly event that invites stories, stillness and conversation. After 70+ events, I will reflect on what I call a topology of gathering – the doorway, portal and container – which mark out different spaces for design activity, aimed towards enabling sociality and the potential for future-making.



Kirsty Moegerlein is a multi-disciplinary designer who is interested in how we can curate spaces to facilitate meaningful dialogue surrounding the context of these times. Through a practice-led PhD at RMIT she is exploring how practices of gathering can be articulated and visualised via her work with The Weekly Service – a small community in Melbourne. She’s interested in how poetic responses that use story, atmosphere, and conversation can open up spaces for greater intimacy and connection, leading to unexpected possibilities.

Kirsty Moegerlein


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