Introduction to the MA Design for People Program

Design School Kolding offers the MA Design for People Program. It comprises of a four semester full-time study or 8 semesters (Professional Master’s).

Design for People is about social design. We teach our students to:

  • Use stakeholder involvement as a foundation for better design solutions
  • Master complexity when designing within the human, social and societal challenges
  • Design relations for improved living conditions

As a student at Design for People, you must be able to master a design process and activate design methods to develop design projects within the design disciplines of Industrial Design, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design or Accessory Design under the theme of MA People programme. 

Design for People is aimed at a more socially sustainable future. We focus on developing more equitable and dignified societies for people to live in.

Globally, we find ourselves in a time when new ways of doing things are needed as never before. There is an urgent need for inventing new products and services that can solve specific challenges and for systems, processes or methods that can change impractical behaviour and deadlocked situations.

The design profession needs to be a partner in this development, and the world needs new ways of design thinking and design doing to come up with new suggested solutions to complex issues (wicked problems). Designers, must therefore, participate actively in the challenges we are facing both right now and in the future. 

Design for People is aimed at students who are professionally bold; who possess a social and societal awareness; who wish to adopt an exploratory, critical and open-minded approach and who want to focus their design practices on social agendas in an interdisciplinary forum.

Students from all four of the school’s own bachelor’s programmes will be accepted as well as students from other disciplines who meet the admission criteria by showing a design understanding equivalent to the level of a bachelor’s degree in design.

Projects at Design for People, take point of departure in peoples’ needs and behavior. A design student at Design for People must have the inclination, will and courage to conduct different types of real life explorations as means for qualifying their design project.

Read more about the program, modules, and how to apply at:

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