Jamer Hunt: Keynote speaker at NORDES´21

The organizers of Nordes2021 proudly present Jamer Hunt as the first keynote speaker at the conference. Under the heading Powers of Eleven, Hunt will address how designers need scale as a conceptual framework for thinking through the present.

Jamer Hunt is Vice Provost for Transdisciplinary Initiatives and Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Design University, The New School, Parsons.

To quote from Hunt’s keynote abstract: “Digital dematerialization and network entanglements are deforming our perception and conception of scale and unsettling our capacity to link cause and effect — or design with its outcomes. Cutting across disciplines and ranging across topics (from ants to traffic circles and from surveillance systems to COVID-19), this presentation will x-ray our current social predicaments and outline design strategies for navigating the complexity of our many “broken” systems.” 

Hunt’s talk is a further development of ideas found in his recently published book Not to scale – how the Small Becomes Large, the Large Becomes Unthinkable and the unthinkable becomes Possible, published on Grand Central Publishing. 

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