NORDES’21 – Deadline for submissions is extended until January 27th

The Nordes 2021 conference provides opportunities to explore the multiple roles, processes and impacts of scales across all areas of design and design research in all their manifestations. How does scale matter in the context of design, designs and designers? What kinds of scalar relationships does design involve and how does or might design research identify and problematize these?

Submission categories

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions. This means that full submissions to all categories are due January 27, 2021 (23.30 CET) and will receive peer review. Full and exploratory papers are subject to a double-blind, peer review process, and accepted full and exploratory papers will be published in the online Nordes Digital Archive.

Key dates

Please keep in mind that you cannot submit abstracts. Full submissions are needed to all categories. 

27 Jan 2021 (23.30 CET) Deadline for submissions

1 April 2021 Notification to authors and contributors

3 May 2021 Final submission deadline

15-18 Aug 2021 Conference

The design research exhibition will take place in the urban space in Kolding city. Do you have a suggestion for one of the eight sites?
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