Mikael Colville-Andersen: Keynote speaker at NORDES’21

The organisers of NORDES2021 proudly present Mikael Colville-Andersen as the third keynote speaker at the conference. Through his work as an urban designer in over 100 cities around the world and his experiences filming his global TV series about urbanism, The Life-Sized City, Mikael will speak about how in this, the Age of Urbanism, we are thinking differently about our cities for the first time in a century. We need to return to designing our cities for people instead of merely engineering streets. Citizen engagement is a key element in our shift towards life-sized cities. Mikael will inspire with his philosophies as well as fantastic ideas he has seen in his work all over the planet. 


Mikael Colville-Andersen is one of the leading global voices in urbanism. He has worked in over 100 cities around the world, advising about how to design – and embrace –  bicycle and pedestrian friendly streets in order to improve urban life. He is known for his pioneering philosophies about simplifying urban planning and how cities and towns should be designed instead of engineered. Mikael is the author of Copenhagenize – the definitive guide to global bicycle urbanismand the host of the urbanism tv series The Life-Sized City and he inspires with his keynotes around the world about how to make cities better through design thinking, how cities should be at the forefront of fighting climate change and how this Age of Urbanism is inspiring citizens around the world. 

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