Creativity – a Matter of Scale? Lene Tanggaard keynote at NORDES 2021

The organisers of NORDES 2021 proudly present Lene Tanggard as keynote speaker at the conference.

The title of her talk is: Creativity – a Matter of Scale?
The point of departure will be the recent moves in creativity research towards more relational, distributed and cultural-historical, systems-oriented perspectives on creativity. This implies that researchers increasingly try to research creativity in real-life settings outside the laboratory or the testing situation, even if the lab or the test are still the norm instruments researching creativity.

However, cultural-historical, relational and distributed theories make the way for larger, more encompassing and broader ideas of what creativity is. Accordingly, moving outside the laboratory requires creativity researchers to think more about scales; going from the small and controllable lab or testing situation towards reaching the complexity of creativity in the midst of everyday life.

This means going from researching situations (in the lab, in the testing situations or in the survey) towards understanding the process of creativity or of being creative as it moves along trajectories of participation in social practices in material and temporal terms not downsized to one point in time measured by one instrument. Although the concept of scale has not been in the center of research on creativity from cultural-historical, relational and distributed perspectives, it might pave the way for new, innovative, methodological experiments. What this might mean for understanding and researching design and not least the process of being creative as a designer will be discussed.


Lene Tanggaard is Rector at Design School Kolding and Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.

She has been advisor for more than 20 PhD.-students and Director of The International Centre for the Cultural Psychology of Creativity (ICCPC), and Co-Director of the Center for Qualitative Studies, a network of more than 90 professors and researchers concerned with methodology and development of new research tools.

Lene Tanggard is regional editor of The International Journal of Qualitative Research in Education. Recent publications include: Glaveanu, V. P., Tanggaard, L. & Wegener, C. (2016 red.),
Creativity: A new vocabulary Palgrave Macmillan, Tanggaard, L. (2018).
Creativity in Higher education: Apprenticeship as a ’thinking-model’ for bringing back more dynamic,
teaching and research in a university context. In: J. Valsiner (red.).
Culture and Higher Education: The making of knowledge maker. (1. udg., Vol. 1.) and Tanggaard, L. (2018).
Content-driven pedagogy: on passion, absorption and immersion as dynamic drivers of creativity.
In: R. Beghetto & G. Gorazza (ed). Dynamic Perspectives on Creativity: New Directions for Theory, Research, and Practice in Education. (1. udg., Vol. 1).

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