Sustainable Days

This project was done as the master thesis project at design for people at DSKD by Luchini Loïc.

You can see more videos of the project at Luchini Loïc Vimeo

Together with local craftsmen, we developed workshops for the summer tourists to discover the geographical and historical assets of Tønder territory through the practice of local crafts. The workshops designed hand in hand with local craftsmen aim to give another light on craftsmanship in regard to the environmental and social crisis our society is entering. 

«Industrial things are cheaper because the planet pays what the consumers save.»
(Hanne Brøbech Sønnichsen, personal interview, 2021)

The craftsmen involved in the project are weaver/knitter (textile), ceramists and lacemakers (knipling in Danish). The practice of these crafts is combined with experiences of the Wadden Sea National Park in Højer and the historical patrimony of lacemaking in Tønder.

‘Sustainable Days’ is inspired by the Social Innovation approach defined by Ezio Manzini as: “new ideas (products, services and models) that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations”. The co-creation process follows different methods of Participatory Design such as semi-structured interviews, interventions in public space, visits, and dialogue tools. 

The purpose of the project is to experiment with how can a territory highlight its local productions as a way to encourage desirable futures. Therefore ‘Sustainable Days’ aims to make craftsmen more present in their region. Why? Simply because they connect us with traditional and sustainable ways to produce artifacts.

«Craft practices used to be networks of actors and resources. They would include educations, styles and deep experience of form languages.» (Josephine Winther, personal interview, 2021)

Photos from the different workshops:
As a part of the “sustainable days”, Luchini Loïc did a set of different workshops. Here you can see some of the photos from those workshops.

Raku workshop:

Natural Dyeing workshop:

Lacemaking workshop:

You can find more of Luchini Loïc work here

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