Book presentation: “The Aesthetics of Industrial Design- Seeing, Designing and Making”

Please join us on 1 September at 15.00-16.00 in the Auditorium at Design School Kolding as Richard Herriott presents his book ‘The Aesthetics of Industrial Design – Seeing, Designing and Making’

UPDATE: For those who are not able to attend in person, Richard Herriott has kindly provided a link for joining online: Richard Herriott’s book (described as “brilliant” by Don Norman) introduces design students to key principles of three-dimensional form, bridging aesthetics and practical design objectives. It explores how we see and what it is that characterises visually appealing and satisfactory design. Written by an experienced designer, educator and researcher, The Aesthetics of Industrial Design equips students with the knowledge and understanding of how aesthetically superior design is distinct from lesser work. It explains the key principles and concepts they can incorporate into their own designs, encourages readers to investigate and experiment with real design problems and enables them to verbally communicate their design intentions. The book prompts readers to critically reflect on their work and surroundings. Through numerous clear examples and illustrated case studies, which are guided by cognitive science and the application of aesthetic theory, the book brings together the basic aspects of design as form-giving. It explores the balance of function, material and appearance in detail and explains the reasons for common aesthetic faults and how to avoid them.

Aimed at undergraduate- and postgraduate-level students within the design fields, this book reveals the secrets to aesthetically successful products that readers can take from education into future practice. Richard Herriott is Associate Professor in Design for People and Industrial Design at Design School Kolding in Denmark.

Link to the book:  



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