Beyond a Living Lab: Scaling Social Innovation

A publication by Signe Yndigegn (IT-University of Copenhagen), Lone Malmborg (IT-University of Copenhagen), Maria Foverskov (Malmö University), and Eva Brandt (Design School Kolding ) 

The paper describes a longitudinal design research study on how a social innovation concept in the public sector is: 1) evolving within the same local context over time, and 2) spreading to other contexts. 

Activity in Valbyparken


The research reflects on experiences with practicing and scaling a social innovation concept that was co-produced between public and private partners and citizens in a living design laboratory in Denmark from 2009-2012 (The SeniorInteraction Project).  

The social innovation is a public service supporting ad-hoc exercise communities for senior citizens in public parks, based on playful activities. The publication builds on follow-up studies which have been made since the project ended. It discusses how practicing the service unfolded over time, and how two municipalities have attempted scaling the concept. It contributes with a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts of scaling with experiences from practice by e.g., discussing ownership, exchanges between formal institutions and informal civic engagement, and a need for clarifying new roles and responsibilities. 

Publisher: Brandt, E.; Markussen, T., Berglund, E.; Julier, G.; and Linde, P. (eds.) (2021). Proceedings of Nordes 2021: Matters of Scale. 15-18 August 2021, Kolding, Denmark. 

Open access to the publication through: 

Design Research Society Digital Library:

NORDES 2021: Matters of Scale   

Contact: Eva Brandt, PhD, Professor. Leader of Lab for Social Design, E-mail: eb[@]

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