Performance & design interventions

The field of design anthropology has put the spotlight on the performative aspects of designing and the designer’s role in orchestrating articulations of future possibilities onto shared stage. Within the field of participatory- and co-design users and other stakeholders are considered to be active players and participants in the design process. A recent focus in this area has been the incorporation of anthropological knowledge of the “social” and everyday practices. This seminar will present an exposition of performance and design interventions and locate a productive common ground between performance and design.

Brendon Clark is a researcher at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and teaches regularly at Umeå Insitute of Design, University of Southern Denmark, and a joint project at Chalmers & Göteborg University. His research interests lie at the intersection of anthropology, business and participatory design focusing on collaboration frameworks for involving multiple stakeholders in project initiatives and the implications for knowledge generation and knowledge transfer in praxis settings.

Henry Larsen is a Professor of Participatory Innovation at the Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation and has been a consultant at the Dacapo Theatre for more than ten years. He sees innovation in light of how humans relate to each other. The theory of complex responsive processes of relating explains how people continuously make conversation, improvise, include and exclude each other – and how novelty emerges when people with different intentions meet.

Building P at Danmarks Designskole & Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole
Philip de Langes Allé 10 //  DK-1435 Copenhagen
14th of June: 9.00-12.00

For the enrolled PhD students the program continues in the afternoon + an evening surprise event.

A full day of performance, design and speed-dating

Joachim Halse introduces and sets the stage for the day with an example of performance and design interventions from a research project.

Brendon Clark and Euan Fraser from the Interactive Institute (SE)

Brendon Clark and Henry Larsen from SPIRE

Speed dating: All participants presented their PhD project and research interest for possible “dates”. A prelude for finding people to discuss common interests with in relation to a future paper.

Performance workshop: group work around dilemmas from the PhD projects and preparing and rehearsel of a performance.

Forum Theater chaired by Henry Larsen: Each group showed their performance of a dilemma followed by discussion and reflection in plenum.

The ended with a picnic at Kastellet where we continued the discussion of ideas for future papers followed by a surprise: The performance of FIBONACCI at the theatre Republique.


Program 9-12:

Keynote speakers:

Brendon Clark is a Senior Researcher and Project Managerat the Interactive Institute in Stockholm, Sweden

Henry Larsen is a professor at the SPIRE Centre for Participatory Innovation, Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation, University of Southern Denmark

Danmarks Designskole & Kunstakademiets Arkitektsskole
Philip de Langes Allé 10, Copenhagen
Building P


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